LoLeo Juice Bar: Coming Soon

From the Caribbean to New York City to Myrtle Beach.

Sisters Leonella & Lorenna Gonzalez created LOLEO when they discovered that there were no juice bars in Myrtle Beach. Lorenna, who had already re-located to the Myrtle Beach area would have her sister, Leonella make frequent trips from New York City to come visit. Leonella, a Certified Holistic Health Coach in New York, grew fond of the area, particularly the Market Common area where she saw a more Active Lifestyle compared to much of the beach. Leonella was originally fixed on opening a Juice Bar in New York City until Lorenna convinced her that Myrtle Beach was in dire need of more healthy options. Seeing the opportunity and enjoying the lifestyle that Market Common had to offer, LOLEO was opened in October of 2019. 

LoLeo's Mount Pleasant Towne Centre location is scheduled to open Summer 2024!

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